Owning A Goat

Why Owning A Goat Is A Great Idea If You Plan To Start Raising Goats?


Did you know that owning a goat is fast becoming a trend in many parts of the country? It's true: the spotlight is now on goats, and these animals are enjoying recognition for their versatility and their role in the livestock industry. Studies show that the goat population is on the rise. If you're thinking of owning an animal as a pet or a source of profit, this article will tell you why a goat must be at the top of your list.

According to history, goats are some of the very first animals to be domesticated by man. This goes to show that goats are social-they respond better to human instruction as well as attention. What's more, the fact that they've been considered as companions by humans since the world's early days proves that goats have maintained their loving nature, unlike certain animals that have gone from tame to wild. This also hints of the many benefits man enjoys from owning goats, hence the continued tradition of raising them.

So, what exactly are the benefits you can gain by owning a goat?

First of all, goats are known to be potent sources of protein. In fact, a lot of cultures all over rely on goats for their protein needs, particularly those in rural areas. A doe, a female goat, has the ability to transform a variety of vegetation into nutritious and delicious milk. However, what they say about goats eating anything is not true. Goats do need good hay, grain and water in order to produce generous amounts of fresh, healthy milk.

Aside from milk, owning a goat can also give you excellent meat. Goat meat, also known as chevon or cabrito, has higher protein content and lower fat content compared to pork or beef. Because it is lean, it can be prepared in a number of ways. If you're restricted by religion to eat pork or beef, a lot of cultures think that chevon is your best alternative.

From dietary purposes, let's go straight to the end of the digestive process: manure. Did you know that goats can produce rich manure that many gardeners consider the best? As fertilizer, goat manure offers phosphate, nitrogen, and several other minerals that plants need in order to grow spectacularly well. This is great if you're into gardening competitions or simply want your garden to stand out.

See? There are a lot of reasons why you should consider owning a goat. Remember, no matter what you use your goat for, it's important that you stay committed to keeping goats right. Good luck!



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