Let me start off by saying that the information in this ebook is solid. Best investment I made to help me to raise my goats! Your ebook is well organized and thought out. I owned 9 or 10 other books on raising goats but your ebook is and excellent resource, well organized and thought out. I have all of my questions answered and it will be a guide which I refer to each and every time. Thank you for creating this guide, Ted!

Michelle Teakell
Silverton, OR United States

Of all the books I bought or read this is the best one by far. When I need to know something, I am able to find the answers in this guide ebook. The illustrations and explanations help me to comprehend better and I re-read the ebook from time to time as I go through the different stages of my goat development. I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for taking the time to write, prepare and distribute all of your research and experience about raising goats.

David W. Miles
Illinois, United States

Being raised in a city and not knowing what a real goat looked like, I needed some help before engaging in my new hobby of raising goats. I bought your ebook upon recommendation from others and overall I am very pleased. I have read it from cover to cover and feel confident that I will be able to raise healthy goats. Your resource particularly on the list of relevant online resources helps me a lot. Thanks, Ted, for all your hard work and for sharing with us.

Catherine Swiss
Florida, United States

I am totally new to raising and caring for goats but I am loving your ebook. The information is easy to read and apply. The color illustrations also help to make it easy to understand. So, personally, I am glad to have your ebook on hand as a reference and I am sure to refer to it many times to come. I would recommend this whether to beginners or experience goat owners as you will be able to find useful information.

Heather L.  Brown
Urbana, Ohio USA

I bought your ebook on How To Raise Goats and just want to say THANK YOU! As a confused first-time goat owner, the information in your guide ebook is easy to understand and has helped me to be at ease. I have learned a great deal about goats and this guide has covered everything. I love the section on learning from experience goat breeders so that I have the right expectations and avoid the pitfalls that are common. This part alone is well worth it. I will recommend to my family and friends.

Brian Dexter
Texas, United States

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