How To Raise Dairy Goats

5 Simple Steps On How To Raise Dairy Goats


For the average businessman, goats are seemingly a fine option in finding another commercial strategy for a better market. Though cows are a mainstream source of dairy products, most do not notice the hidden advantages of goat produce: more than them being efficient milk producers, they are also more adaptive to changing weathers. So if you are interested in knowing how to raise dairy goats for this purpose, listed below are five easy steps essential to goat keepers:

1. Choose a good breed. If you are in the goat farming business, know your purpose in selecting good breeds of goats: do you want more milk in a short span of time or quality produce in fair intervals? Select a good breed so that you would know how to raise dairy goats the right way and benefit from them. Breeds such as Saanens (considered the Holstein counterpart for goats), Toggenburgs and La Manchas are known to be good dairy goat breeds, while Nubians produce milk with high butterfat content.

2. Supply them the right feeds. It is recommended that goats raised for milk production must be supplied feeds with a substantial percentage of roughage, a good mix of them along with your prescribed diet all year round, such as pasture (grass), leaves and organic material. Also, check the feeds you buy for them for too much synthetic substance to prevent complications that may lead to bad milk production. If you know how to raise dairy goats, you should know that the most hassle-free way in preparing feeds is to leave them in a trough accessible to the goats but not to pests such as rodents.

3. Always give them easy access to clean water. Containers for water are not just there for drinking – they are also there for goats to be able to wash the food down so they can digest well. Remember that the quality of water you give them also affects the quality of milk they can produce. If you keep into yourself the need to produce quality-yielding goats, a good supply of clean water is a total must.

4. Prepare good housing for your furry friends. The general notion of goats being resistant to wind and cold weather is not an assurance for you not to invest for their health. They’ll need your help too! For dairy goats, best insulation for housing purposes is at nighttime, when expected drops in temperature might affect their process of producing milk. Keep them warm and safe in a shed especially at night or during cold weather. This is also for them to be safe from predators and other nasty creatures.

5. Do not deprive them of playing space. The good know-how to raise dairy goats is the knowledge that the more content they are, the likelier they’ll produce quality milk. Aside from maintaining their good health, allow them to exercise out at your backyard. Experts suggest a minimum of 200 square feet grazing space, but it will not hurt to increase it, especially if it allows them to find better pastures to graze and eat at.

What might be tedious work for goat keepers, if taken into a simpler glance, are just basic necessities goats as milk producers need to grow healthier and more productive. Follow the easy steps above in knowing how to raise dairy goats so the next time you are to embark on a profitable business involving these lovely creatures, you’d know exactly what the basics are.




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