Keeping Goats As Pets

Keeping Goats As Pets - 3 Tips For New Goat Owners


Keeping goats as pets may seem as a hilarious thing for some people. Goats, like other farm animals, generate a lot of money. Goat farming is a very lucrative business that lures a lot of people. But at times, there are certain people who may see their goats more than their source of income. Some people may perceive goats to be their pets.

Before anything else, let us first define the term pet. The common notion to the word ‘pet’ is that these are those that sit on one’s lap, wait on their master’s feet and lie around the house. Well, goats are not like those types of pets. When you say the term ‘pet’, you care for the animal and let it be its type of animal. As for a goat, it just basically stays outside of the house. Keeping goats indoors may not be a good idea because they have certain odors. But the good thing about goats is that they have a jolly character that your family will surely love.

When keeping goats as pets, first it is important to remember to keep them healthy. As pets, these animals would often interact with your family. Your children would most likely handle them and play with them. With this, it is then important to vaccinate your goats. Aside from that, it is also important to give them supplements aside from their food. During the cold months, it is important to give them supplements armed with vitamins A, C and zinc to keep them away from colds. During the hot months, you should give them plenty of water and salt supplements to keep them hydrated. You must also perform regular deworming of your goats.

When keeping goats as pets, it is also important to keep in mind what breed you would want to care for. Some types of goats are not ideal pets. For example, male uncastrated goats release strong foul odors. Aside from that, they can also be sexually aggressive. It is better to keep small breeds of goats that have had their genitals remove before they become sexually mature. On the other hand, when taking care of female goats, it is important to note that most dairy goats need to be milked twice a day. A female dairy goat will most likely produce around 4.5-5 liters of milk a day.

Lastly, when keeping goats as pets, you should provide them with appropriate housing and ventilation. You simply cannot live with a goat under one roof. As aforementioned, goats may release strong odors that are not pleasing to the nose. Aside from that, goat potty training is really hard. Unlike cats and dogs, potty training for goats is really a struggle if not impossible. You need to provide a spacious and well-ventilated housing for your pet goat. Aside from that, you should also set up food and water stations for them. Keep the water container as clean as possible. Goats have the tendency of getting sick from dirty water. Studies have also shown that goats who can roam around freely are healthier than those who are not. It is therefore important to give your goats the opportunity to move around.

Aside from a source of income, goats can also make great pets. Take note of the aforementioned tips when you decide to pursue your luck in keeping goats as pets.



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