How To Raise Pygmy Goats

How To Raise Pygmy Goats - Easy and Simple Steps To Follow


You must be scavenging all over the web to see an article on how to raise pygmy goats. Fortunately, you have come to the right place for information. In this article we can learn a few things about pygmy goats as a breed and how they have evolved to be a very versatile animal. The first of the pygmy goats originated in Africa, they were introduced in the States around the 1950's and have since become a favorite, pet and milk producing animal by many. An interesting facet of caring for pygmy goats is that based on their size and weight, they can produce a good deal of milk. For this reason, more and more people are in the business of raising them for their milk. In addition, even their meat is being sold for extra income.

For the rest of the owners, this breed of goats is kept as family pets due to their cuddly and playful bearing. In terms of how to raise pygmy goats, the first thing you should consider is their place of abode. A 20 foot by 20 foot fenced area with just about the right height for the fence is a good starting point. This will allow them to move about and play. Also, it is important in terms of breeding grounds, that they have ample space to breed safely and comfortably. Separate the does and bucks always. When it comes to their nutrition, feeding them alfalfa is best, although commercial feeds are also advisable because they contain enough variety of nutrients to keep your goats healthy and ready.

This animal should also have direct and easy access to fresh water. Some breeders use standard water feeders to keep water fresh and free from contamination. You might want to take this route as well for convenience. When they reach a certain age, for instance, six month old goats should always be dewormed at least for once a year. Your local veterinarian can be of great help in this matter. In terms of breeding, most keeping pygmy goats guides will tell you that it is best to let them breed only once a year. The purpose for this is to keep kids that are born to be healthy and free from health complications. Usually, breeders allow 18 months to pass before they allow their pygmy goats to breed again. How to raise pygmy goats is easy as long as you treat them as you would with normal dairy goats through love and affection; this will ensure that you get the best stock of pygmy breeds all year round.



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