How To Raise A Goat

How To Raise A Goat - Tips To Keep Goats Healthy All Year Round

Goats make good pets and farm animals but you must know how to raise a goat properly if you intend to keep them healthy all year round. Learn the natural predators to goats if you intend to raise them in pastureland. On the other hand, if you want to take the route of raising them in cages, you are already blessed with several advantages for doing this. Having goats in cages is better because you can easily keep a watchful eye on them. Feeding them is also easier because you can locate them in one place and never have to worry about gathering them. It also provides them with better shelter from elements and parasites. A good shelter will keep your goats away from pneumonia which is a usual illness among them.

When designing your goat pen, make sure that it is fairly easy to clean. Elevate the flooring a few centimeters from the ground so that maintenance is a breeze. When you want to breed later on, it is best to have a bigger space for them to move. A separate pen may also be constructed when your goats are lactating and also to prevent transfers of goat smell. How to raise a goat is easy if you follow these initial preparations. In terms of milking your goats, be sure that you have a constant and pre-planned schedule to follow strictly. Milking them twice a day is enough and you should avoid any delays in scheduled periods of milking.

Always wash your hands and other milking utensils when milking your goats. Also, it is crucial that you feed your goats with something while milking them so that they are relaxed and feel rewarded during the milking activity. With respect to growing kids, always house them in a separate pen. Check for excess teats on female kids and have them removed as early as possible if you want to raise them for their milk. For meat production, males should be castrated within the first month; this is the proper way on how to raise a goat.

Turning now to the does for breeding, they usually reach their puberty between four to 18 months. They can produce 2 kids in one breeding. Limit their breeding to once a year to maintain kids that are healthy. On the other hand, young bucks should be limited to servicing 25 does per year. The older your buck is the more does it can service. Follow this guide on how to raise a goat and you will never go wrong.



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