Keeping Pygmy Goats

Guide to Keeping Pygmy Goats - Things You Should Know If You Plan to Raise Pygmy Goats As Pets

keeping pygmy goatsPygmy goats may be as sweet as cats, but they are definitely more interesting. Unlike the usually domesticated animals, keeping pygmy goats as pets is a very unique experience. They have good-natured and distinct personalities that differ from one goat to another. If you plan to keep pygmy goats as pets, then you are in for a treat.

Below are simple things that you should know before you even buy your own pair of goat. Make sure that you have taken all the requirements into consideration to ensure that your goats will live healthy and happy lives.

First, you need to have a 20 feet by 20 feet fenced area around your home. If you do not, then you are advised not to have pygmy goats as pets. Keeping pygmy goats require a big space to live, to feed, and to play on. It will not do them well if you place them in a small area.

If you can spare this much space for your pets, then go right ahead. Use high quality materials in building the barn and the fence to ensure your goats' safety.

Next, make sure that you have all the equipment in place. Does your barn have enough sleeping platforms for the goats? Are feeders installed far away from each other to avoid overcrowding? Does the area have a steady flow of drinking water?

Make sure that you have all the basic requirements before you even make arrangements to acquire your goats. If you do not, have a handy man install them for you. Keeping pygmy goats spell out a big investment but it will surely give you a high return for your money.

Before bringing home your pygmy type of goats, make sure that you have enough grain feeds on stock. Pygmy goats favor alfalfas over any types of grass, but make sure that you feed them hay as well.

Goats are very picky. They will not eat anything that has already fallen on the ground; so make sure that your feeders are big enough for your goats' daily needs.

You also need to ensure that you have a veterinarian check up on your goats at least once a month. Trim their hooves every six weeks to keep them from harming one another.

Follow these basic requirements and you will be set to have pygmy type of goats around your house. If you take care of them well enough, you shall be able to spend long, happy years with your pets. Have all of the requirements installed and rearing goats especially pygmy breeds will surely be a pleasurable experience.



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