Goat House

Goat House - Critical Considerations When Building a Functional Goat House

Shelter, being one of the basic needs of everyone, is also important for animals. This will protect them against the weather or any bad elements. If you intend to raise goats, then it's a must that you build a goat house for them. Sure, goats are often associated with wilderness. But if you want to make a living out of them, you must ensure their safety and health which can be guaranteed by a nice living quarter. Add to that the possibility of losing them if you left them straying in the open field where someone might steal them.

Now that the importance of building a goat house has been established, here are the basic requirements. First, set aside a good space for the house. This must be proportional to the number of goats you have. Avoid overcrowding the goats to prevent them from fighting. Second consideration is the type of shelter you will build. If you have the money to spend and you intend to raise goats for a long period of time, then it is highly suggested that you build a barn big enough to house future goats. If you are short of cash, a pole barn will do. This is built by placing poles apart to cover the area and then enclosing it with wire mesh. Just remember to make it sturdy enough to stand the weather.

For flooring, sawdust or straw will do. Avoid concrete floor for the goat house as much as possible because the urine and feces are not absorbed. Wood is okay but goats like to gnaw and before you knew it, your flooring might be gone. Also, broken wood flooring can easily wound the goats. You may use tin for roofing but make sure it is high enough to prevent contact with the goats, as it can wound them.

Proper ventilation is important so you should include windows. Ensure that the interior of the goat house is reached by sunlight to remove the moisture caused by urine. Moisture is an enemy because it serves as breeding ground for bacteria which is harmful to your animals, especially for lactating ones. The bedding which may be of straw material must be changed often.

Designate a specific area for milking, feeding and playing. Food and water must be in a holder to prevent the goats from tipping them over. You may include a salt lick as well. The playing area may be a fenced ground outside the goat house where the goats can roam around easily. Always check the fence for holes or damage to ensure that the goats are safe from other animals.



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